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We offer a residency education program that is designed to produce well-trained, competent radiologists who are committed to continued excellence in the field of Radiology. Upon completion of the program our residents are able to function in the academic or private practice of radiology. The broad based exposure to both normal anatomy and a broad spectrum of pathologic findings assists the residents in their learning. We offer a personalized educational program that allows residents to excel in whichever area of radiology they decide to pursue. 

Three community teaching hospitals are involved in the GRMEP/MSU Diagnostic Radiology residency: Spectrum Health Butterworth, Spectrum Health Blodgett, and Mercy Health Saint Mary's . There are 71 board-certified radiologists collectively staffing Spectrum Health, and 13 board-certified radiologists staffing Mercy Health Saint Mary's.

Spectrum Health Butterworth performs an average of 348,000 studies per year. Helen Devos Children’s Hospital opened in January of 2011 and houses the pediatric radiology department. It is a beautiful, building, with walkways to the rest of Butterworth Hospital, as well as the MSU Medical School building. The Lemmen-Holton Cancer Center at Spectrum Health received the American College of Radiology's Breast Imaging Center of Excellence Award and is where our residents complete rotations in PET. Spectrum Health Butterworth is a Level One Trauma Center and provides radiology residents with the majority of their Emergency radiology exposure. 

Spectrum Health Blodgett's Diagnostic Radiology Department performs an average of 134,000 diagnostic exams per year, including CT and MRI scanning, nuclear medicine with Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) camera, angiography, and ultrasound. Residents complete the majority of their fluoroscopy experience at Blodgett, where there is a substantial bariatric surgery population.

Mercy Health Saint Mary Health Care's board-certified radiologists provide resident training in interventional radiology/angiography, CT and MRI scanning, nuclear medicine, mammography, ultrasound and general radiology. Mercy Health Saint Mary's is the West Michigan Renal Transplant Center, and provides residents with exposure to a variety of renal failure-related radiological studies. They also opened the region's first diagnostic Breast Center in 1983, which is the site where residents complete the majority of their mamography rotations.  The Lacks Cancer Center at Mercy Health Saint Mary's is a comprehensive, dedicated cancer hospital.


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